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Remembrance Day is not far away now, but you couldn’t forget that with all the patriotic poppies filling your social media newsfeeds. Britain First, often, are the source of these ‘shared’ images of poppies to remember the fallen. Now, not so long ago, Britain First officially registered themselves as a political party and they are founded on their social media following. Many people who share their postings, do so without even realising the image’s source – but we need to change that. I won’t ever share a Britain First post – so am I part of the ‘95% who don’t care’ about our war veterans?

Initially, I’d like to just give some background history on what Britain First are/do. They are a far right group of fascists. No other way of putting it. They claim to be patriotic, but their fundamental formation was based around being anti-Islam. They started a Facebook page with infographics with things saying stuff like ‘If you’re against dog fighting share this image’ or ‘the death penalty is the only way to treat peadophiles’ etc…Essentially, all things that the majority of people agree with. But what people don’t realise, is that by sharing these images, more and more people see the BF page. Each year, they upload images of veterans and poppies asking people to share these images to show respect for British war heroes and suggest that if you don’t, you don’t love Britain and you’re not patriotic. This is how they reach more and more people. Once you’ve clicked on their page or engaged with their posts in any way, you will begin to see all sorts of xenophobic postings and images about muslims – most of which are based on pure fiction, and have no substance. On election day 2015, Britain First even told people to vote UKIP to ‘save Britain’. It scares me that almost 1 million people ‘like’ their page and regularly see their postings. Now most of these people are probably disgusted by the way these people conduct themselves – but they once liked the page because of a ‘patriotic’ post 3 years ago, and that’s why they can continue to spread their message of hate today.

Point 1: The posts of poppies and veterans fail to mention that 400,000 muslims fought for Britain in World War 1 – across Asia and the Middle East.

Point 2: Britain First is just a spin off of the National Front, the EDL and the BNP combined. They cannot deny that.

Point 3: The pictures they use are completely unrepresentative – seriously, they often post pictures of ‘extremists’ at protests claiming it to be a recent event. Save the image, and upload it to Google – you’ll often find they were first uploaded several years ago.

Point 4: Britain First are just as bad as ISIS. They are radicalising Christianity, and will only cause more tension between religions.

Point 5: They use Winston Churchill a lot as a figure of inspiration – but they are an anti-EU party. BF don’t realise Churchill was one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the EU, as a peace process. Both the EU and peace are something BF are against. It’s all so ironic.

Point 6: Both WW1 and WW2 were wars against fascism – the very thing that BF actively promote. Why would BF want to honour these war heroes? They fought in wars against causes such as BF.

Our task, as a country, is to stand up to extremism – in any form. Britain First are a part of this extremism. So the next time you see a poppy picture, and it’s from Britain First, just think – would I post this if it was from ISIS? It’s exactly the same thing.

If you want to share a picture of a poppy to respect the fallen this remembrance day, there’s a perfectly good one here. Right click on it, save it, and post it to Facebook. That’s how you show respect.

Finally, do not buy a poppy from anybody else but the Royal British Legion. They do some amazing work – however, last year it was exposed that BF were seling rip off poppies to generate profits to fund their hate campaigns. Support a real charity that supports our war veterans – not the polar opposite.

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