Richard Spencer Gets Cold Cocked, The Best of Twitter

Richard Spencer, Alt Right supremo and generally hideous Nazi was, as practically everyone must have seen by now, hilariously given the smack he has long deserved.

The best bit….

Spencer, the man behind the re-branding of fascism as ‘alt-right’ and White Supremacy as “identitarian,” Spencer was fashsplaining the significance of Pepe the Frog, fascist mascot, to the far-right, their anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-feminist meme of choice, when he was deliciously cold cocked by a passer by.

Twitter did not disappoint with its reaction.

Some were not happy, but others soon joined the debate.

And people say Americans do not understand irony…

Of course the far right would never advocate violence.

Richard Spencer is a ‘normal; Trump supporter?

Fighting fascism has a long tradition, and one we should never forget. Because, anyone with even the smallest knowledge of history knows, just where unopposed far right nationalism can lead.

It will be interesting to watch where all this leads.

¡No Pasarán!

And if anyone wants to argue why we believe Spencer was due a slap, this is why.


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