Muslims in Leicester Help Flood Victims

Hasan Salmaan and a group of his friends, including Riaz Khan, were watching the devastation from the recent floods and decided that they needed to do anything possible to help.


They used social media as well as their own money to fill a van of appropriate aid. When they got to the village affected, they distributed the aid to residents and got stuck in straight away clearing debris from the flood. After this, they travelled to several other affected areas and volunteered to assist the clean up operation for those affected in this region as well. I received the following quote from Hasan regarding his experience.

‘The locals were very welcoming to us and it has helped break down a lot of barriers. Community cohesion has taken place without it being our primary aim.’ He also stated that many friendships have been made and that all of those involved would not hesitate to do it again as it was such a rewarding experience.’


This just shows you how people of all faiths and ethnicity can get together, fighting adversity and building relationships that will last a lifetime. Well done Hasan and Riaz. Hopefully this story can help counter the lies and scaremongering that such groups as Britain First spout.



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Britain First, once the great white hype of the UK Islamaphobia Industry died an ignoble death today. And to think