Bonehill Followers Rewrite History

Once again some of Joshua Bonehill’s fellow Hitler lickers are rewriting history and making it look like the serial liar is whiter than snow…

The following “article” from ‘Local Terror Exposed’ (sic) is apparently reblogged from EndZog (practically another Bonehill’s mouthpiece, really). The first sentence there >> “Twenty-two years of age, never committed a crime, never hit anyone, never stole anything.” gives us straight away a good idea of how factual and honest that “article” is going to be. Whoever is behind that blog has just copied and pasted EndZog’s lies without even checking Bonehill’s background/history as we all know by now that when he was 18 (and a Tory, at the time), Boney has actually broken into a Police station and stolen a uniform… He actually even bragged about it FFS!

The rest of the “article” reads like a piece of politics fiction…
(it’s probably also breaking the law re: Bonehill’s victims.)

Here is the link for those of you with a strong stomach >> Endzog

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