Britain First is a Terrorist Organisation – FB Page Rant.

Britain First is a terrorist organisation

Ok, here’s my rant. My no holds barred warning this contains adult language rant. : Firstly, Facebook, you can fuck off. I’ll come back to that. (edit: I will post about the Facebook issue another day) These other facebook pages that purport to be against Britain First. Are you that fucking special you deal out similar ignorance to BF ? Are you run by BF parading as something you are not ? “Bad publicity is publicity”. Fuck pandering to these racist bigoted braindead pricks like Paul fucking Goldigging and his inalert sheep. We have a few thousand likes between us and our people reach is pretty shite to be honest. I see marketing companies that think 124 retweets from 2 million people reach is amazing and that’s just trying to sell tat judging by an almost 1,000th retweet to PR ratio. We agree we detest Paul and his bullshit bowel movement. So…

When are we going to work together ?
When are we going to develop together ?
When are we going to exponentially combine our energies ?
When are we going to share our goals ?

We call them terrorists, we come from that angle. You have your stance and come from your angle. Be it piddling all over their lies and “facts” with truth or mocking their inability to spell while some of us carnt (sic) spell so good but at least the mocking is making noise against them and opening a door to highlight how utterly shit they are beyond poor grammar and believe me this isn’t a dig at the spellcheck family.

So why the rant ? My huge concern is that we are stuck in a certain rut and those humpty numpties even though they are stuck in theirs, think we can’t get out of ours.

70+ million people and we speak truth against bullshit but we aren’t working together effectively enough to damage them.

Yes, it is amazing to see the likes of EBF getting mainstream exposure. We are NOT knocking that, We are looking to make things like that repeatedly happen. We are looking to take the lead and make BF look so idiotic and embarrassed that they shut down.

They are horrific people. Angered by humanity caused by flawed systemic divide. They haven’t got a fucking clue what that means.

Why am I so angry ? Because this is much more than BF. This is children dying, adults suffering, wars and bombs, you all know this.

We can continue to stand alone and not trust each other or we can grow this relationship we have that is the love of god, the humanity of earth and inner wish to strive for better.

If we are just here to stay as we are, that is utterly disappointing and BF have a future.

So what do we have to do ? Get to now each others stances and strengths. Share our goals so we can see we are on the same mental plain and inevitably make an implosion upon the bigoted braindead to wake and educate them.

Got some ideas ?
Want to expand upon this ?

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