Greek Soldiers Refuse to Confront Refugees: Statement

Greek conscripts in 50 units of the Armed Forces:


We, the soldiers in struggle are against all this, against both their past and present crimes.

We call for a mass movement, both inside and outside the Army:

To block in any way we can Frontex, NATO, the European army, the actions of the Armed Forces as this massacre goes on. We don’t participate in arrest patrols.

To assist in demolishing fences and not creating new ones. No soldier boards ships on missions against migrants.

Ships, submarines and aircraft should return to their bases. There should be no attempt to supply them.

We refuse to convert the Greek army into a repressive apparatus, whether that involves confronting migrants or social movements. We will not accept papering over the cracks in the social structure with “volunteer labour”. For us the real “asymmetric threat” is the war being waged against us by the governments and the interests they support.

We call on our colleagues to not only show compassion but to take note of our common class interests. It is the bourgeois institutions, bourgeois policies, bourgeois governments themselves which are destroying even our dreams.

What the refugees are now going through – the constant persecution by totalitarian mechanisms of every kind – in the struggle for dignity and survival, their sad present is for many of us the current and future nightmare that we should not have to experience. It is the Parliamentary totalitarian state in collaboration with the NAZI Golden Dawn.

We are aware the coming revolts will find those on the bottom rung either united together or in conflict with each other.

Today there isn’t a better form of solidarity in practice which gives the greatest service to ourselves than attacking the problem at its roots.

We are part of a modern anti-war and labour movement that can exist only within a working class, anti-capitalist and internationalist perspective. We resist, oppose, and totally reject the government, its imperialist mechanisms, and the bourgeois world of oppression.

[The original was signed by soldiers from 38 units of the Greek Army]


547 Rethymnon Airborne Battalion,
Sparta KEEM,
616 Infantry Battalion,
Avlona KETTH,
535 MK/TP 31st Brigade,
Patra KETCH,
Mesologgi KEN 2/39 SP,
526 MK/TP,
124 PVE Tripolis,
Cpt. Paraschos 29th Infantry Brigade,
221 EMA Plati Evros,
401 Military Hospital Batallion Administration,
Thiva KEPV,
16 TYP,
Nafplio KEMCH,
Evros Chatzipenti Camp,
211 MK/TO 95 LATETH,
Araxos 116 PM,
3rd Cooking Education Battalion-Gythio Supply Dept.,
647 MK/TP Litochoro,
50 PEA/AP,
SDB Karaiskakis B Company Management,
219 KICHNE Didymoteicho,
173 MEAP Orestiada,
516 MK/TP,
424 SN Thessaloniki,
Evros Vogiatzis Feres Camp,
642 TP, Bouga Camp,
32 MPP PN,
KEN Kalamata,
643 TE Chios,
123 PTE,
618 M/K TO Plati,
296 M/K TE,
KAAY Agios Andreas,
93 TYETH Lesvos,
503 TP,
22 EMA Petrohori,
25 EMA Petrochori,
107 A/K MMP PEP Didymoticho,
305 SPTCH,
3rd EAN Alexandroupolis,
107 Chatzipenti Koufovouno Camp,
Evros 523 Mavrodentri Kozani.

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