IRBF Began in September 2014. Initially as a series of Facebook events to mass report the hate page Britain First. The first event ended on the 31st of October with over 2000 people reporting the Britain First page for Hate Speech, the page survived but it gave them a real scare.

During the first event IRBF discovered that Britain First’s London address was actually a Virtual Office and they lobbied the company, successfully, to ditch Britain First as clients and they had to revert back to a PO Box in Swanley Kent. During the next 2 events they also lobbied successfully to close down Lionheart GB’s virtual office provider (this lead to the now infamous review war on the companies Facebook page between fascists and IRBF which was won by the good guys 263 5* comments to 112 fash 1*). Other offices taken down include the Patriot Stores office (another Lionheart GB, Dowson company), and Golding’s Britain First Merchandise company (twice).

Other victories include:

*Bad reviewing Britain First’s mobile Apps on Apple and Google to oblivion
*Taking down Britain First’s Paypal account.
*Taking down Britain First’s Stripe Account.
*Leaking Knights Templar International’s activities to the Media
*Fascist propaganda website taken down.
*One of Boneheads websites taken down.
*Closed down Britain First’s badge supplier (a company in Pakistan).
*Dozens of far right pages and accounts taken off Social Media.
*Knocking out KTI’s Teespring Shop.

IRBF has since become International Report Bigotry and Fascism, and has since expanded its remit to include ALL far right hate groups and pages. IRBF's rationale is simple: There is no place for hate speech on social media and it should be opposed at all times!