Jim Dowson, Knights Templar International – Russian Fascist Links.

Regular followers of our website and Facebook page will know that what fascinates us are the ideological processes behind the far right, especially links to Eurotrash Fash/US Fash and Russia.

We looked into this briefly on our Blog article: The Dangerous Fascist Ideology Underpinning the Far Right Brexit and Trump.
In the article, we covered the involvment of Jim ‘Britain First’ Dowson and Nick ‘BNP’ Griffin at the Russian Conservative Forum 2015.

In March 2015, a group of fringe political activists from around the globe met in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The prelude to what is now the rapidly growing World National-Conservative Movement. The WNCM’s specific goal is to support (both financially and through aggressive social media campaigning) radical far-right or far-left activist groups or individuals from around the world.

The most interesting thing about all of this is the links to Alexander Dugin, Fascist Philosopher (and Kremlin/Putin influencer) and his ‘Eurasianism’. 

Dowson and Griffin, through their larping division of Britain First (Knights Templar International) being some of the biggest social media promoters of Dugin’s Eurasianism, Putin supporters, Brexit supporters, and, of course Trump supporters. Even the New York Times acknowledges them: How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans.

This is fascinating due to the Kremlin’s Hybrid War against the West, a part of which has been covered extensively by the excellent Carole Cadwalladr, her work on Brexit, Trump, Mercer, Cambridge Analytica can be found here:

So that was a brief recap, back to the point now.

Here’s Jimbo at his most recent visit to Serbia 11:37 pm · 19 Jul 2018 :

A rough translation of the text reads:

Moscow – Belgrade – Belfast Rus – Serb – Irish Scott @LeonidSavin – @MisaVacic – @OfficialJDowson Together to fight the liberal new world order and solidarity in building the Fourth Political Theory!


No need to highlight the important part of this ‘MOSCOW – Belgrade – Belfast Rus – Serb – Irish Scott @LeonidSavin – @MisaVacic – @OfficialJDowson’ (we did anyway lol).

The Fourth Political Theory being a part of the Eurasianism and a distinct theory of Alexander Dugin (his book of the same name is claimed to be required reading for officers in the Russian Military Schools).

The guy in the middle of the pic is Misa Vacic, leader of Naslovna – Srpska desnica / Српска десница. Interesting in itself, as Dowson is once again meeting with another far right extremist; but it is the guy on the left that caught our eye…one Leonid Savin. 

Dr Savin, avid promoter of Dugin’s Eurasianism:

‘Leonid Savin, Moscow State University,  a  member of the Eurasian Movement, founded by the philosopher Alexandr Dugin and his close associate. Dr. Savin is the author of several books about the main issues of geopolitics and recently participated as moderator for a panel discussion at the Russian Parliament on, among other things, patriotic education and falsification of History.’. : We really recommend reading the article.

Savin, Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International “Eurasian movement”. Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 – 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Serbia and Iran. More Here.

This guy is prolific, to be honest we’re still looking into him, there are reams and reams of stuff about him.

Here’s some pertinent stuff though:


And whom else was there, sharing a platform? Savid.

Second from left, Dugin fourth.

‘The small Balkan nation of Macedonia is increasingly a destination for the Kremlin’s political strategists, the ideologists of Russian exceptionalism and Moscow’s Orthodox mission in the Slavic world and in Eurasia.

The think-tank and instructors giving lectures and providing training in Macedonia are the same ones that the Kremlin employed in its hybrid war prior to the annexation of Crimea and later in the destabilization of the Ukrainian east, as well as an attempted coup in Montenegro.

As in Ukraine, Russia’s information warfare strategists identify the existing grievances in the target country portrayed in a way to promote Moscow’s interests. In Macedonia, Kremlin’s strategists highlight in their publications existing ethnic and political issues involving the Albanian minority, as well as issues accompanying Macedonia’s NATO/EU aspirations.

The Commissar

According to the Voice of America’s Macedonian service, the key strategist in Russia’s information warfare in Macedonia is Leonid Savin, who in late May provided training for 50 members of the far-right United Macedonia party, which opposes changing Macedonia’s name and views the country’s course towards NATO and the EU as the end of Macedonia’s statehood and independence.

Leonid Savin, according to his biography, is the “Commissar of the Eurasian Youth Union” — a branch of Russia’s ultra-nationalist Eurasian Union, a movement created by Alexander Dugin and his ideological companions.’ Here:

This is not the first time Jimbo has met with Savin, they were was also at the Serbian (far) Right Conference (with Nick Griffin).

We also need to add the Order of the Dragon into the mix, a relationship we highlighted in our original KTI Blog Article and further picked up by Balkan Insight:

‘The Order of the Dragon also hopes that the relations it claims to have built with right-wing Russian intellectual Alexander Dugin, who reportedly brokered peace between Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this year, and with Dugin’s close associate Leonid Savin, will provide a hotline to the Kremlin in case of an attack on Kosovo Serbs.

While these disparate organisations have not always worked together, they share many of the same concerns about the future of Serbia’s former province, which declared independence in 2008, and have the common ambition of defending the Kosovo Serbs against what they claim could be an attack.’

Leonid Savin, again…

Where is all this leading? Who knows? But we have been searching for a more solid link to Dowson/Griffin/KTI and the Fascist ideology of Dugin for some time – and now we have it, courtesy of Leonid Savin.

Both Dowson and Griffin were deported from Orban’s Hungary for being a Domestic Terrorist Threat  (which is one hell of a feat considering Orban is the closest we have to an actual Fascist state in the EU right now) – they just up-sticked and further solidified their ties to Serbian far Right groups. And there is Leonid Savin, disciple of Dugin, fascist demagogue, linked to Dugin, the Kremlin and Putin. Russia’s Hybrid war continues.

Steve Bannon, another Duginite Eurasianist is setting up a ‘Foundation’  to further link and fund the far right in Europe (and no doubt the USA). Do not delude yourselves, we are in the middle of a fascist coup, ideologically driven by Russia, and funded. KTI/Dowson/Griffin may well be bit players in all this – but there they are, right in the middle of it.


Interesting to us was Dowson’s flat out denial of links to Russia with reference to our blog when the BBC ran a piece in him (they never did credit our work lol). Cats out of the Bag Jimbo.


Still waiting for Soros to pay us though…








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