Knights Templar International Declare War on National Action

In somewhat bizzare news, the brave Knights Templar International have today declared war against the neo-Nazi group National Action.


Ignoring the hypocrisy from Holocaust denier Nick Griffin and his merry band of coconut tappers, we were wondering just what Knights Templar International were planning.




Considering that KTI seem to consist of:
teglasy being made prior of KTI hungary lol

An old man dressed in a bed sheet.

Griffin Teglasy KTI cosplay Prague

Two old men dressed in bed sheets.

Griffin Teglasy KTI cosplay Prague

And some Tweedy bloke from Minecraft.

And their opponents?


And not forgeting National Action member Zack Davies.



Although Jimbo could always fly over his new besties the neo-Nazi group Hungarian Outlaw Army.

Jimbo and the otlaws2 outside Hungary pro life


We will be watching this handbags at dawn spat with glee.



NB – That is if there are any NA members not in Gaol when the Knights Patriot Store International catch up with them –



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