Meet Adam Brown, businessman, footy fan, racist and fascist?

Every now and then you come across someone on Twitter that deserves exposing. Meet Adam Brown…

Adams Tweets do not reflect his business he says, we disagree. This was his Tweet that brought him to our attention…

He’s not racist though, because he says he isn’t.

Obviously this is okay because, as he says ‘Islam aint a race’

He does like his Fascists though.

Adam has already been in trouble with an ad campaign he ran for his business:

His campaign was exposed by Wales Online.

It was all just banter though

“When asked what he would say to people who may have been negatively affected by the content of the adverts Mr Brown said: “Well I think it all depends on the view they take and I think it’s pretty narrow-minded people who take the viewpoint of not seeing it as a joke.”

Although most people did not agree.

Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens said: “There are plenty of ways to market your company’s services without resorting to offending people.

“Many people would look at these images and be horrified or upset. Many thousands of people’s lives were affected or even ended by some of the atrocities this marketing campaign makes light of.

“I’m perfectly capable of enjoying a joke, but I also know when things are offensive, not funny.”
Interestingly, this was not the first time he has gotten into trouble:

Adam Brown, who lost his seat for the Gurnos ward in the May elections, will not be able to try to reclaim his post following a ruling from the Adjudication Panel for Wales.

The tribunal concluded by unanimous decision that Mr Brown should be disqualified for three years from being or becoming a member of Merthyr Tydfil Council or any relevant authority with immediate effect.

Mr Brown was found to have deliberately failed to abide by the council’s code of conduct and persistently breached it.

It was found that his actions had brought the council into disrepute, he had unfairly blamed others and failed to heed appropriate advice or warnings. Wales Online.






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