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Trumps #Watersportsgate denials – Checked

After the breaking of the #Watersportsgate scandal by Buzzfeed, The Tangerine Toddler, Umpa Lumpa Elect, Donald J Trump has given his first press conference. Where more denials as to his actual involvement with Russia were aired.

The Trumper has been tweeting away madly for most of the day, a full on frenzy of denials.

That moment the President Elect sided with Russia over his own Intelligence Agencies

We decided to dig a little deeper.

First there was this:

Fair enough, except the source Donald used was from an actual fake news site called Lifezette. The owner of said website, Laura Ingraham, being a close Trump ally and in consideration for the plumb job of Trump’s White House press secretary.

Here’s the Intercept on LifeZette in Nov:

So the Trumper used a fake news site to debunk what he calls fake news, and a site owned by a very close ally.

Then there was his retweet of Michael Cohen. This was supposed to further Trump’s case as Cohen was named in the dossier.

This does seem to be true, as it may well have been another Chen. BUT, during Trumps press conference, the Donald denied ever knowing or having met  a certain Carter Page. Except this is not actually true, as the Guardian noted.

Which is odd, why the denial now?

Then there are his denials of ANY business dealings with Russia whatsoever.

He was stating this at the time when the allegations of Russian hacking to aid his campaign was the main headline news.

“Trump said any inference that a connection exists between the two is absurd and the stuff of conspiracy. “I have ZERO investments in Russia,” he tweeted after the Democratic National Committee was apparently hacked by Russia and the emails released by Wiki Leaks on the eve of the DNC convention to nominate Clinton as its 2016 presidential candidate.” Read More.

“The reason they blame Russia is they are trying to tarnish me with Russia. I know about Russia, but not about the inner workings. I have no business there and no loans from Russia. I have a great balance sheet.” — Donald Trump

But there is mounting evidence that Trump actually does have business dealings with Russia. The Washington Post  reported that at a real estate conference in New York in 2008, Donald Trump Jr. said that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia,”

In fact, 3 of Donald’s advisors all have financial and business ties to Russian financiers:

Are there anymore links to Trump and Russia?

Well, there is his lawyer, Sherri Dillon, who talked through most of the conference.

Sheri Dillon is a partner at the global law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, headquarters in Philadelphia, however Sheeri, works in Washington, D.C.

In May 2016, this law firm was named Russia Law Firm of the Year, and just happens to have an office in Moscow.

Although if you try and load that page now you get this:

But working for Trump must be like inviting your very own DDOS

Dillon works primarily with wealthy individuals, extremely wealthy individuals on controversial tax matters, according to her profile at Morgan Lewis. Also she is an expert in IRS audits. coincidentally  Trump states that he the IRS audit he is currently under going as a reason he cannot release his tax returns.

So another link to Russia then…

At least Trump has now admitted, during the conference, that it was Russia that hacked the USA during the election.

Which is a major U-turn, considering his vehement denials.

And even some of Trumps own cabinet choices have had to admit that it was Russia that was behind the hacking.

It is a “fair assumption” that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind US election hacks, secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson has said.

The former CEO of Exxon Mobil told his Senate confirmation hearing the intelligence report on Russian tampering “clearly is troubling”.

His comments came after Senator Marco Rubio pressed Mr Tillerson to admit Mr Putin’s role in the cyber-breach.

Mr Tillerson’s reported good ties with Mr Putin have alarmed some in the US. Source BBC

Oh another Trump pick with ties to Putin.

So far Trumps denial of the the scandal, when checked, seem not hold much water. He does have links to Russia, his advisors have links to Russia, he cites a fake news source owned by a close ally, who has links to Russia, as proof that the claims are false.

What the real truth is, only time will tell.

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